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The anatomy of a perfect advertising campaign.

The anatomy of a perfect advertising campaign.

Mike Doane

5 ways to grab buyers’ attention, keep them engaged, and persuade them to buy.

This article pulls together the best advice on copywriting, storytelling, and psychology to help you create incredible marketing campaigns that convert.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying history’s best marketing campaigns and the world’s most profitable ads. You start to realize that they all have a few things in common.

Say it with me folks…

The greatest campaigns of all time:

1. Capture attention

Great advertising starts with a strong mission statement.

Grab attention with a good tagline, then follow up with a strong headline.

9 Headline Formulas to Get Readers’ Eyes Falling Down the Page
Writing copy for headlines and titles is a science as much as it is an art. These nine formulas cover the science of the craft.

2. Tell a story

Our brains are wired for story.

Stories help us process and store information better than a list of features.

Wired for story.
Lisa Cron on why storytelling is such a powerful way to convey information.

3. Keep buyers engaged

Once you’ve got their attention, keep the party going with great copywriting.

Be clear, concise, and to the point. Here’s how:

How to write incredible copy.
A couple years ago, Amazon sent out a template email that contained the secret formula that every copywriter follows.

4. Take customers on a journey

Present yourself as a guide on a grand adventure.

Make your customer the hero of the story and show them what life could be like on the other side.

The hero with a thousand faces.
How marketers can use Joseph Campbell’s idea of the hero’s journey to make their customers feel larger than life.

5. Persuade buyers

If your campaign isn’t converting, then why’d you run it at all?

Here are some tips on persuading people to use in your marketing:

The 3 modes of persuasion.
This two-thousand year old document perfectly describes the principles of good marketing.

Need a hand?

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