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Inbound marketing for corporate myth-makers and tellers of tall tales.

Inbound marketing for corporate myth-makers and tellers of tall tales.

This dusty tome is filled with wisdom from expert writers, top psychologists, and even a couple ancient philosophers.

What you hold in your hand is a one-of-a-kind strategic guide on the power of copywriting, content, and product marketing.

It’s over ten-thousand words on why people buy and how to sell. It’ll teach you the skills you need to move hearts and minds through the power of marketing.

Follow its instructions and it’ll help you take your business from zero to a hundred in just a couple thousand words.

But, as a wise man once said —

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Our goal is to move people away from pain toward happiness.

That’s why I’m leaving out some of the more sinister methods of landing a sale. Things like fear-tactics, pressuring, and even discounting (which works when done well, but can devalue what you're selling in the long run).

Instead, we'll explore methods to attract people to us – empathize with our customers' pain points,  educate them about our products' benefits, and guide them to a buying decision.

Everything in this guide is a tool.

And tools can be used to build houses or tear them down…

The act of marketing is neither good nor evil. The pen is not dangerous. Only the hand that holds it.

I say, let’s build more houses.

What will you do with your power?

At the end of each section, you’ll find an activity.

It’s best you complete these activities because they’re why the lessons will stick. But hey, no one’s forcing you. It’s only your hard earned cash you spent on this tome.

Here’s how it’s going to go down...

First, we’ll explore the psychology of selling.

You’ve got to know your customer and understand why they buy before you start chucking ads their way.

Then we’ll get our hands dirty with copywriting.

You’re going to learn how to write headlines and sentences that have people falling down the page.

Finally, we’ll end with the art of telling a story.

Marketing that tells a story sticks with people. And marketing that sticks with people sells.

I present you with: The Megatome of Inbound Marketing

This is nearly a decade's worth of lessons on marketing and copywriting.

It contains wisdom, inspiration, and action items that you can apply to your marketing efforts immediately.

And it features advice and examples from history's best experts.

The heavy-hitters like Aristotle, Oglivy, and Freud play their roles, but I also brought in some of the lesser-knowns. Karen Horney and Edward Bernays, for example.‌

The guide covers three broad topics:

  1. Psychology (the theory behind why selling works),
  2. Copywriting (the foundation of every piece of content),
  3. Storytelling (the thing that's going to make your marketing stick).

Each section ends with an activity. Something for you to get your hands dirty with and actually try out. It's like an interactive project that you and I are doing together.

So, whadda'ya say...

Want to have a peek inside?