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You put your book on Amazon and thought your were done…

It’s not that easy, is it?

Your writing’s good, the content's solid, but nobody’s buying.

This world of book-selling is more competitive than you realized. You’re sick of spinning your wheels with marketing and just want to get back to writing.

Frankly, the more time you spend exchanging niceties on social media, the less time you have to do work that matters — writing the next book.

Let’s build you an author platform that keeps the readers coming and gets you back to doing what you love. It’ll only take a week of dedicated effort, then your marketing will be on autopilot. Sound good?


Here’s what’s gonna’ happen:

First, we’ll build a webpage that attracts more readers.

Then, we’ll write a couple emails that put sales on autopilot.

Finally, we’ll put together some ads that keeps readers inbound.

So, whadda’ya say?

Learn Book Marketing

This five-day email course gives you the framework you need to build an author platform to find more readers, get more reviews, and — ultimately — sell more books.


Time to start Writing Inbound.