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The Focus Group is your ticket to better marketing.

The Focus Group is your ticket to better marketing.

Bring some color to your marketing.

Every month I'll share the projects I'm working on and show you step-by-step how to carry out similar campaigns.

When someone becomes a paying member of Writing Inbound, they get access to what I call The Focus Group. This is a private newsletter that I send on a monthly basis.

In it you'll find strategies and tactics that you can try out yourself.

These are step-by-step guides on applying certain principles to your marketing. They list the tools you need, a recommended budget, and detailed instructions with screenshots for creating, launching, and analyzing each campaign.

We also get together for an occasional meet-up via webinar to discuss these strategies and the outcomes of our own campaigns.

It's a great way to get expert advice from peers (and me) for less than the cost of that cup of joe on your desk.

Already a member?

I can't thank you enough. Glad to have you in the club!

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