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An amazing event needs attendees…

You put your heart and soul into this thing every year, and you still worry that no one will show.

It’s a dual-edged sword…

The more time you spend on marketing, the less time you have to create exceptional  experiences for your attendees. But you’ve got to get them in the door somehow and you know that more attendees means more sponsorship revenue too, which keeps this thing afloat.

Let’s build a marketing plan that gets people excited about your events. It’ll only take a week of dedicated effort, then your events will be on autopilot. Sound good?


Here’s what’s gonna’ happen:

First, we’ll write a registration page that attracts more attendees (even if you already have one).

Then, we’ll put content from your past events to work to promote the page.

Finally, we’ll purchase advertising to put your registrations on autopilot.

So, whadda’ya say?

Learn Event Marketing

This five-day email course will get you the framework you need to build an automated event funnel that puts your registration on autopilot and gets you more attendees, more engagement, and — ultimately — more sponsorship revenue.


Time to start Writing Inbound.