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Stop advertising to me.

Stop advertising to me.

Mike Doane

Tell me a story instead. That's what YETI does, and it works!

Content marketing has never been so good. Check out these documentaries from YETI and tell me you don't want to buy a cooler.

When I think of coolers, I think of bright cheap plastic red, white, and blues. You know the brand I'm talking about.

YETI is a little different. Their coolers feel durable, they look like something you want to put on display, and they're colored with fun pastels.

What's more, YETI's marketing strategy doubles down on content. They do little more than tell customer stories, but they do it in a big way.

YETI's customer stories are more than testimonials

YETI runs a series on YouTube called YETI Presents. Each video is a high-quality short documentary about the type of person that uses YETI products.

Take this one for example:

Over 50 episodes tell stories of ranchers, farmers, outdoorsmen, extreme athletes, and other rugged types you might from with a YETI in tow.

Content marketing at its finest

Throughout this series, YETI never forces a testimonial out of these folks and they rarely show more than a quick clip of a YETI product.

They simply let their customers tell their stories.

And customers who relate to these stories of ruggedness and resiliance know they'll find the same qualities in a YETI.

— Mike Doane