Creativity goes on.

Apple goes against the grain and delivers an ad that truly captures the spirit of the moment.

Creativity goes on.

Everyone knows we’re in this together. This ad actually shows it.

When my wife asked me if I'd seen the new Apple ad, I prepared myself for another company taking advantage of a crisis to tell me they care.

But we all know the truth...

Companies don't have feelings

They are designed to maximize profits.

That's it. Plain and simple. No way around it.

The people that work for them might support causes through the company. But, despite what our weird laws say, the company itself isn't a person.

That's why these ads about "we're in this together" or "we care about you" or "stay safe" feel like such bullshit.

Because they are.

Apple thinks different

It was refreshing to sit down and watch the new ad from Apple because it wasn't about the company's mission or false sense of humanity.

The ad starts with a single note being played on a piano and the image of a bored child staring out the window. Something we can all relate to right now.

The piano morphs into a little movement of pure joy and the still images turn to video.

A mother and her child, a man dancing ballet, humans connecting through art and story.

It says nothing about the product, less about the company that makes it, and everything about its customers.

Creativity goes on

Humans, despite their circumstances, will always endure. They will create art, connect with one another, and make the best of every situation.

And we all know they'll likely use an Apple product to do it.

— Mike Doane

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