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Write, edit, publish. Now it's time to start selling. 

The secret to a successful book launch is creating a comprehensive marketing plan. Why not start today?

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The Perfect Marketing Plan

Create a comprehensive book marketing plan to get more readers, inspire your fans, and ultimately sell more books. 

An Author Website
A successful book launch means having a place for your book to live and breathe. We'll start by creating an SEO optimized website in Wordpress and connecting it to the tools you use to communicate with fans.
A Social Media Strategy
Social media is... well... social! Stop telling people to buy your book and start connecting with your fans. Do it right and you'll find yourself with more followers and more sales than ever before.
An Advertising Plan
Advertising is the number one way to get your book in front of readers. Give your readers incentive to click and reward them for engaging. Advertising isn't about you and your book, it's about your readers.
Email Marketing Tools
Your number one sales tool is your email list. Keep your readers engaged by staying in touch and creating a personal relationship with them. Deliver the right content at the right time and start selling more books.

Let's Work Together

You're ready to sell more books, so let's work together. You'll learn what it takes to gain traction on social media, through various advertising platforms, and via an email list. Let's do this.

Book Launch Plan


2x Strategy Sessions

Online Presence Review

Author Coaching

Book Marketing Q&A

5-Page Marketing Strategy

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Author Marketing Package


2x Strategy Sessions

Online Presence Review

Author Coaching

Book Marketing Q&A

Email Marketing Setup

Advanced Marketing Automation

Advertising Campaign

Author or Book Website

I Want To Sell More Books

Who Is Writing Inbound?

After finishing his second novel, Michael Doane wanted to work with other authors to help them bring their books to market. With a background in product marketing for a software company, he knows just what it takes to empower authors with the right set of tools and a solid plan of action to make a big impact on their audience.

Michael Doane

Michael Doane is your author marketing expert. He's worked with authors from around the world to create book launch strategies, reach more readers, and sell more books.